Smoked Cacao Bean Negroni

  • dairy
  • PREP time 10 minutes
  • COOK TIME Infusion time: 1 month
  • Servings 1
Whether you choose to roast the nibs or use them raw their natural chocolatey aromas are a harmonious complement to a classic Negroni.
  • dairy


  • Infusing Gin:

  • 40 grams cacao nibs

  • 4 oz Gin

  • Cocktail:

  • 1 oz infused Gin

  • ¾ oz Sweet Vermouth

  • ¾ oz Aperol

  • 1 Ice ball

  • 1 orange peel


1. In a Weck jar combine Cacao nibs and 4 oz of Gin. Close well and infuse for a month.

2. After a month, open and strain over the bottle of Gin. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

3. For the cocktail, combine 1 oz of the infused Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Aperol. Stir together.

4. Place an ice ball in a glass and strain the cocktail over.

7. Slice an orange peel and squeeze over the ice to release the oils. Place on the glass rim for decoration.


A Bramble traditionally is a cocktail with muddled blackberries, fresh lemon, sugar and gin. Strawberry was used here to pair better with house cacao juice and to offer a cocktail that tastes fresh out of the garden, or bramble in the backyard!
Sours are a traditional cocktail containing spirit, fresh lemon, sugar and often the white of an egg. This classic formula works splendidly with any spirit as base, but Bourbon drinkers especially will find this cocktail bouncing off their palates! First appeared in a recipe book in Jerry Thomas' "Bartender's Guide", 1862.
A true brunch is balanced and created around the sweet spot of health and indulgence. Afterall it is the weekend and the time to rest and enjoy with all senses, but it is also the time to get rejuvenated and charge our body with delicious natural nutrients. The Cacao Fruit Brunch pitcher is very much inspired by this sweet spot which is the foundation for our whole cacao, whole wellness lifestyle philosophy.
This cocktail came to me with one idea: decadence. The Demerara River in Guyana produces some of the best sugar and rum in the world. Here, I've featured one of my favorite spirits: El Dorado 12, a dark rich rum from Guyana. This luxurious 12 year old rum tastes amazing on its own, but also creates a wonderful foundation for a blended drink. Equal parts of house made dark chocolate, Vanille de Madagascar, Demerara rich simple syrup, and El Dorado 12 creates a happy accident that stands on its own as near perfection.