That’s me‭. ‬25‭ ‬years ago I went out on a chocolate journey without really planning it‭. ‬I started in Paris with the famed Master chocolatier‭, ‬Michele Chaudun‭, ‬who to me had the most romantic chocolate store that I needed as inspiration material for my writing career that I was planning carefully to myself‭. ‬I never stopped planning the writing career ever since‭, ‬chasing vigorously after inspiration materials that I needed so badly around me in order to finally make it happen‭. ‬However‭, ‬meanwhile‭, ‬some relatively extensive chocolate drama happened without me putting too much attention to it‭. ‬I created a brand‭, ‬which you’ve might have heard of‭: ‬Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man‭- (‬the bald man in the logo‭? ‬That’s me‭) ‬opened many chocolate restaurants around the world‭, ‬invented some fun chocolate dishes wrapped in all kind of wacky ideas‭ ‬and didn’t really write anything‭. ‬Then‭, ‬also without really planning‭, ‬a New York judge signed on a‭ ‬“Stipulated Order”‭ ‬–‭ ‬a term I didn’t know till then and I really don’t want to know till today‭- ‬which meant that for five years I can’t say‭, ‬make or tell anyone anything about chocolate‭. ‬So because I had nothing else to do and because I was restricted from looking for chocolate inspiration materials for my writing career I found myself riding my daughter to school‭, ‬to friends or mostly to the beautiful bakery in our little town telling her stories about all those chocolaty adventures I have had in the last two decades and all the ones I really want to have when I’ll finally be allowed again to use chocolate as my paper and pen‭. ‬So that’s me and how I got on the bike‭- ‬Amsterdam by Electra http‭://‬www.electrabike.com/bikes/amsterdam‭) , ‬BTW‭- ‬if you’re interested in some biking inspirational stuff for beginning writers‭.‬

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