Tito is the girl on the bike‭. ‬Her real name is Nellie and she’s my daughter‭. ‬Many Dads who fall in love insanely with their first born daughter and can’t really find a decent way to express their overflowing emotions‭, ‬scream all kinds of unclear sounds‭. ‬Mine was‭: ‬titotitotito‭, ‬which eventually was shortened to Tito‭, ‬her nickname‭, ‬which was tattooed in an epic love ceremony with my wife on my and hers arm‭.‬‭ ‬Tito was a little bit embarrassed to ride with me on those romantic bikes‭, ‬because in our small town everyone has‮ ‬the most extreme race and mountain bikes‭, ‬but she agreed to go on them‭ (‬not anymore‭, ‬btw‭) ‬if I’ll tell her the stories she heard from so many people about Max Brenner‭, ‬but could never experience or taste herself‭, ‬because she was never there since she was a little baby growing up in NYC‭. ‬So that’s Tito and that’s how she got on the bike and she wanted to add that she was never embarrassed by the bike only because I was getting excited and talking way too loud‭.‬

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