When I lived in NYC I was really wild and that’s probably why I mostly dealt with the romantic stories around chocolate and especially the longing for its cultural European roots‭. ‬When I moved few years ago to our little, very peaceful town where everything more or less closes at 7pm, I became way more interested in the wild side of chocolate- the Cacao‭. ‬On a trip to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica I met a cool guy‭, ‬Jody‭, ‬which served me‭ ‬“Jamaican Breakfast Cacao”‭- ‬a beverage that enlightened me on totally different and fascinating way to prepare chocolate beverages straight from the beans‭ ‬and retain the wild flavors of the origins‭. ‬It was a real coincidence when I stopped one day in a Brazilian grocery store in Queens and discovered another unknown cultural aspect of the Cacao and how delicious the Cacao Fruit pulp is‭. ‬The endless breakfast and smoothies’‭ ‬variations that are prepared from it in South American countries‭. 

 ‬This new‭ ‬“Cacao Revelations”‭ ‬became the main inspiration to Blue Stripes‭- ‬Cacao Shop‮…‬‭ ‬But obviously‭, ‬I couldn’t totally drop the whimsical and addictive part of chocolate which is so much me and more so‭, ‬so much Tito‭- ‬who’s the number one chocolate lover in the world‭- ‬so I decided to share with everyone all the‭ ‬“family”‭ ‬secrets I was making for her for the last five years while I was restricted from making chocolate to everyone else‭.‬‮ ‬

TEL: +1 (917) 265-8737 / hello@bluestripes.com

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop‭ ‬

28e 13th street NY‭, ‬NY 10003‭ ‬



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