This is probably the strongest memory from the times I was a chocolate apprentice in Paris‭, ‬dreaming of making my own brand so that I can finally express my explosive personality that wanted so much to share the whirlwind of ideas I have had in my head‭. ‬Jean Paul Gaultier was my idol‭. ‬In an Elle magazine dedicated to his work I saw a model with classic blue striped suit and a beautiful‭, ‬velvety‭, ‬brown shawl around her‮…‬‭ ‬I knew immediately that I have to‭ ‬“borrow”‭ ‬that amazing color combination to my first packaging collection‭. ‬Blue Striped boxes and a shiny‭, ‬satin ribbon‭. ‬This was also the first story I told Tito‭. ‬“Twenty-three years old‭, ‬flipping through a fashion catalogue‭. ‬A special edition‭, ‬made of thick‭, ‬glossy paper‭. ‬I don’t know your name‭, ‬and though I’ve been looking at you for months‭, ‬you are no more familiar than when I first saw you‭. ‬Page 109‭. ‬I keep showing you to everyone‭ ‬in every meeting‭, ‬in your blue striped suit and brown velvet shawl‭. ‬“This is exactly how I want our boxes to look like‭... ‬These colors‭. ‬This material‭. ‬Exactly this‭.‬”‭ ‬The elegance of a young‭, ‬groundbreaking fashion designer‭, ‬proving his versatile taste in this gorgeous modern twist on a classic look‭. ‬Breathtaking‭. ‬His talent hurts me and I want so badly to be like him‭. ‬To this day‭, ‬I still hope‭, ‬that his color combination and the soft shawl‭, ‬that belongs to a totally different style‭, ‬bringing to this classic look a beauty it never possessed before‭- ‬will turn my life into the one I can’t stop imagining is his‭.‬”

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