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That's me. The bald guy. Hard to believe but already more than 25 years falling in love with cacao and chocolate. The Cacao Chef beside me is UV Feldman. I specifically say "CACAO CHEF" because UV is turning everything we know about chocolate to be much healthier by using the unknown miraculous parts and functional benefits of the Whole Cacao.

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A few years ago, acai was everywhere. We love acai and appreciate its benefits, but once you taste the cacao fruit and its tropical lemony flavor combined with the vanilla orchid twist, we just know you’ll join team whole cacao!
We don't believe that there is any sweet recipe that can’t be made vegan and full of wellness, especially after discovering the different parts of the cacao fruit, which harvest the comfort of chocolate with the refreshing twist of a tropical fruit.
We didn't know this ourselves until we tried, but chia seeds work extremely well with cacao nibs' crunch and the tangy, lemony, tropical and very refreshing twist of the pure cacao fruit. This recipe will quickly make it to your favorites!
Sometimes you just need to follow nature’s culinary synergy of ingredients. The ethnic spices in this recipe are exactly what the ancient Mayan and Atztec cultures used to create what they considered as “food of the Gods” and once you get used to it you fall in love with it.
A true brunch is balanced and created around the sweet spot of health and indulgence. Afterall it is the weekend and the time to rest and enjoy with all senses, but it is also the time to get rejuvenated and charge our body with delicious natural nutrients. The Cacao Fruit Brunch pitcher is very much inspired by this sweet spot which is the foundation for our whole cacao, whole wellness lifestyle philosophy.
This cocktail came to me with one idea: decadence. The Demerara River in Guyana produces some of the best sugar and rum in the world. Here, I've featured one of my favorite spirits: El Dorado 12, a dark rich rum from Guyana. This luxurious 12 year old rum tastes amazing on its own, but also creates a wonderful foundation for a blended drink. Equal parts of house made dark chocolate, Vanille de Madagascar, Demerara rich simple syrup, and El Dorado 12 creates a happy accident that stands on its own as near perfection.
This cocktail is a riff of a Grasshopper (Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao, Cream). The 2nd oldest restaurant in New Orleans, Tujagues (Too-Jaques) claims to have invented the Grasshopper in 1918 by owner Philip Guichet. The cocktail gained popularity in the 1950's & 1960's. Here, instead of the Creme de Cacao I've used our house Milk Chocolate, added some Tito's vodka to really kick the cocktail up a notch.
This cocktail is a riff of a Brandy Alexander (Brandy, Creme de Cacao, Cream) a classic from the early 1900s. Although many origin stories exist, a 1915 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer claims the Brandy Alexander was invented to celebrate pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander during the World Series. It remained a staple from the 19-teens through prohibition. Here, instead of cream, I've added our house white chocolate to a blend of a Champagne Cognac and a Banana Cognac. Topped with freshly toasted walnut gives us a delicious after dinner drink that should remind you of a classic banana sundae.
The Piña Colada (Pineapple Strained) earliest known story is from 19th century pirate Roberto Confresi giving his crew a cocktail of rum, coconut, and pineapple to boost their morale. The Caribe Hilton Hotel claims Ramon "Monchito" Marrero invented the now recognized drink of Puerto Rico in 1954. Our variation adds a touch of fresh cacao water to the pineapple and lime juices to bring another delicious layer to this tiki classic.
This cocktail came to me as I was thinking about the classic pairing of orange and cream, which obviously pairs beautifully with cacao. Fresh orange and cacao juices, white rum, and Vanille de Madagascar balance out nicely with a touch of cream and freshly grated nutmeg to finish. Think of it as the cocktail version of my classic ice cream truck memories of being a kid.
A whole cacao injection with the unique superfood natural benefits that are in the Cacao’s beans and fruit as well as the good for you addictive taste of high quality cacao.